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Affiliate Disclaimer

The images and logos on this website are trademarks of their respective manufactures. US Compressor makes no claims of affiliation, special sanctions, with or by the original manufactures. The display and appearance is not intended to imply that US Compressor is an authorized dealer or distributor of these manufactures.

All Talon and equivalent products listed are 100% OEM compatible and meet or exceed OEM specification. The brand name and logos listed are for cross reference and comparative purposes only.



"Make" vs. "Replaces"

We use the words "Make" and "Replaces" to indicate if a product is Genuine OEM or Replacement(Aftermarket) 

Make = sourced from the OEM/Original Equipment Manufacture and indicates on the product detail page, the OEM from which this is sourced.

Genuine OEM = Make



Replaces = Talon Brand replacement to the Genuine OEM Product.  Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specification.

Replaces = Talon