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About Us

Our Vision: #1 In Service & Selection Online For the Compressed Air Market

Genuine or Aftermarket?  You’ll hear us asks this every time you source your parts from us. We understand each customer’s needs are different or might change over time. 

All you need to know is we offer more spare parts selection for the compressed air industry than any other online retailer. 

No matter the brand* or type of part, you’ve come to the right place.



We own the brand Talon. We are the Manufacturer of Talon products.  We sell directly to the end user without selling through distribution.  Our replacement products are top notch and will replace any OEM on the market.

Our Story

After several years working with and for other compressor distributors in the industry we found there seemed to be no online retailer who offers Genuine Parts for all the major compressor brands, or even more difficult to find an online retailer who offers both Genuine & Aftermarket parts.

Another huge need that we discovered was based on customers having to source parts from multiple distributors because of territory restrictions placed on distributors by the OEM compressor manufacturers.  Most distributors can only contractually offer one (1) brand of Genuine compressor parts.  Those same distributors can’t offer aftermarket parts of the same brand they sell in Genuine.

This is a huge problem leaving customers frustrated.  Why would a customer need to source their products from multiple distributors? What if they weren’t satisfied with their local representation, where do they source their products from now? Why won’t the compressor OEMs allow a distributor to offer more than one brand?

That business model doesn’t help YOU.  You spend more time sourcing parts, than keeping your plant’s greatest asset, your compressor running. 

Sourcing your compressed air parts should be easy, and it is with US Compressor.  

YOU should have a CHOICE on what you want regardless of brand and US Compressor gives YOU CHOICE.

Why US Compressor?

At US Compressor we make sourcing your compressor spare parts SIMPLE.  We reduce: sourcing frustrations, lead time worries, and time spent finding the part you need. We have access to more OEM and Aftermarket parts in one place, than any other online compressor retailer.

Partnering with US Compressor allows you to focus on other items on your to do list, whether it be a plant safety program, making more service calls, serving or selling to your customers. No matter what you've got on your plate to do, you can check your compressor needs off that list. We've got you covered!  

We are here to make your job easier and support your companies' greatest assets: You and Your Compressor.


How Do We Do It?

We have worked hard to strategically source our parts from all over the United States. We searched high and low for quality vendors to provide our Genuine OEM Parts and Aftermarket Spare Parts. 

We broke down the barriers of territory restrictions, building strong lasting relationships so that we can keep providing quality parts at a fair price to you.


Our Offerings

Genuine OEM Compressor Parts:  When you order Genuine that’s exactly what you get.  We will not ever sell you an aftermarket or equivalent product when you order Genuine OEM. 

Aftermarket Parts:  100% Compatible Aftermarket parts that replace all the major OEM Parts. Want to reduce maintenance spend, and don't need OEM? We have worked hard to source all of our aftermarket parts from quality replacement parts manufacturers who have engineered these parts to meet original specification so they work in your machine and are built to last.


*We offer parts for compressors 5HP or larger.  We do not sell parts or service for small compressors such as: DeWalt, Husky, Harbor Freight, Porter, Titan, or pancake compressors available in most boxed stores.*

 The images and logos on this website are trademarks of their respective manufactures. US Compressor makes no claims of affiliation, special sanctions, with or by the original manufactures. The display and appearance is not intended to imply that US Compressor is an authorized dealer or distributor of these manufactures. All Talon and equivalent products listed are 100% OEM compatible and meet or exceed OEM specification. The brand name and logos listed are for cross reference and comparative purposes only